Julie's Sweets

We've all been there, a young woman at the crossroads of life - which way to go? Help the family business, chase a college diploma or crazily fall in love? Why not all at the same time? Julie faces these decisions in a thrilling time management game where she's questioning her self-confidence, values and priorities. Help Julie find all the answers in her own way while enrolling to the prestigious cooking school 'Le Cookery'. Will she make it, and most importantly, how can you help her?

  • 60 story levels plus 18 challenge levels
  • Help Julie master the craft of making sweets
  • Earn hearts and build a baking collection

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Julie's Sweets screenshot
Julie's Sweets screenshot
Julie's Sweets screenshot

Julie's Sweets is free to download and play. After you download Julie's Sweets you have 1 trial hour to decide whether you like it or not. You can buy Julie's Sweets online right away, instantly and securely.

Julie faces tough life decisions in this thrilling time management story game!

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